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One Room Challenge Week Six – Playroom Fun!

The One Room Challenge is rapidly approaching the final reveal, so I’m excited to share a few of the toys in the playroom to foster open-ended play.

Hey now, hey nowwwww, this is what dreams are made of…. kids dreams that is…let’s get to it!

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young girl in pink exercise outfit balancing on wiwiurka XXL rocker

Play Time

I feel like open-ended play is a bit of a ‘buzzword’ in the parent world. Regardless of how popular the concept is, open-ended play is also a fantastic way to let kids get creative and independently play. Open-ended play is really just a fancy way of saying play with no rules! It is all about letting the kids take charge and their imaginations run wild – and isn’t that what childhood is all about?

Wiwiurka Toys

two young girls using a wiwiurka XXL Rocker for open-ended play

Wiwiurka is a family business that creates high-quality wooden toys to promote active and creative play. Their company has a variety of wooden furniture for young children under the age of ten. Wiwiurka gifted us their stepping stones and XXL Rocker for this play space. I picked the ‘sunset’ colorway for both items for a fun, girly pop of color in the playroom!


Wiwiurka has a variety of wooden toys for kids of all ages. The XXL Rocker (pictured above) is for kids aged two to ten. There are climbing triangles, ramps, and even swings! Their products ship free to the US and Canada and require simple assembly upon arrival. I was able to put the XXL Rocker together in about 40 minutes with ‘assistance’ from Maddy.

These pieces have only been here for a few weeks, but my girls are absolutely obsessed! They like to get on opposite ends and ‘see-saw’ back and forth, giggling over how high they are getting. Next, they’ll flip the rocker over, and use it as a slide! They’ve even draped a blanket over it and made a ‘dog house’. It is so fun to see their imaginations at work.

So far, the number one use for the stepping stones has been for ‘the floor is lava’ – I’m sure they will come up with more uses for the stones soon!

Nugget Comfort Play Couch

playroom view with blanched almond six penny neva loveseat couch off to left side and a harbor gray nugget comfort play cough stacked to form a tent shape.

Our family has been fans of Nugget Comfort for years. Both kids and adults enjoy making caves, tower building, and lounging on this comfy play couch. Nugget sent over a fresh cover in Harbor double-brushed microsuede to coordinate with the new playroom.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, the Nugget is an incredibly simple concept – four foam pieces (two triangles, a sturdy base, and a thinner seat cushion) wrapped in a durable, microsuede cover. Watch your kids make slides, obstacle courses, rocket ships, and restaurants, all with these four pieces of foam! It’s basically the ultimate imaginative play item, and with a flip of the wrist, can turn back into a cozy seating area for storytime.

overhead image of harbor gray nugget comfort cough set up as seating with a cozy blanket and book set up on it for reading time.

Everyone pile on the Nugget, it is storytime!

The Home Stretch!

I can’t believe we are down to the last few weeks of the One Room Challenge! After using this space, I’ve made some changes to the final items on the to-do list to complete this room. I can’t wait to share more with you next week! Be sure to visit this link to read all my ORC blog posts.

Don’t forget to check out all the amazing projects in progress on the main ORC blog!

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