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One Room Challenge – Week 2

It is week two of the One Room Challenge! I was going to say “nothing happened this week”, but really, I think the hardest things happened this week. For me, often the hardest part of a project is actually making decisions and committing! This post contains affiliate links

little girl sitting on a rug in an empty room with fabric and paint swatches scattered around her

Since there aren’t any structural changes to this room, it has been a bit of a slow week. The room doesn’t look any different, but things are definitely happening!

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to partner with some amazing sponsors to update this room. I will share more about the companies we have partnered with in the upcoming weeks.

Our week two of the One Room Challenge was focused on committing to design choices and getting major elements ordered to make this room the perfect family play space!

Big Decisions

The two big anchor decisions in this room are the couch and the paint colors. I felt like once those decisions were made, everything else can really start to come together.

overhead image of fabric swatches in neutral colors and paint swatches in variations of white, pink, and green

our top picks after getting samples in!

Sofa Selection

Selecting a sofa is a HUGE decision. It is definitely one of the most expensive and used pieces of furniture in the home, so I want to make the right decision. *INSERT DECISION PARALYSIS* When I say I’ve spent hours researching furniture, it would not be an exaggeration in the slightest.

Obviously, for a family playroom, the furniture needs to be kid-friendly, cozy for family snuggle sessions, and, because it’s going in my house, pretty (LOL). I fell in love with lots of options, but ultimately, I landed on Six Penny. I love that their sofas have washable slipcovers (hello family-friendly!), are super cozy (from what I hear!), and prioritize high-quality, natural materials.

The Six Penny Neva Loveseat in Blanched Almond is on its way to our home!

Paint Color

In last week’s blog post, I shared what I didn’t like about the current color scheme – I want a brighter white and a lighter accent color. I’m thrilled to partner with Clare to freshen up the paint in this room.

The girls helped me stick the paint swatches on the wall and shared their top picks. Spoiler alert, we didn’t go with their choice of ‘pink’.

We decided to paint the wainscoting in Timeless, a creamy off-white tone that feels homey and coordinates well with the rest of our home. We will also repaint the entry in Timeless and continue the new trim color into the entry. The walls above the wainscoting will be painted Grayish, a lovely, light green-gray tone.

two paint swatches and a fabric sample

our final selection!


That is all the updates for this week! What do you think of our selections? Let me know in the comments!



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