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How To Embroider a Letter on Stuffed Animals

Embroidering letters on stuffed animals. There are a lot of tutorials on embroidery, but a few months ago when I wanted one that walked me through embroidering a letter on a stuffed animal, I really struggled to find a blog post that helped me! I finally stumbled upon a video on YouTube, but I wanted to share in a blog post the steps to embroider a letter on a stuffed animal! This post contains affiliate links. 

Black woman's hand holding a stuffed bunny with an 'a' lightly sketched over its heart. A needle, thread, and scissors lie on the table below.

Embroidery Supplies

You don’t need a lot of fancy supplies. Truthfully, just a pack of embroidery needles and some embroidery floss. I like DMC brand embroidery floss and needles, found at Michaels and most craft stores.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Sketch your letter directly onto the fabric using a pencil (or pen if you’re feeling brave!)
  2. Thread your needle. I have used two strands of embroidery floss here! That means one thread is inserted into the needle, then pulled through so the needle sits halfway along the strand, and the ends meet.3. Knot the end of your thread, then insert your needle at the end of the letter (either side is fine!)

4. Carefully bring your needle through the fabric a few mm past the thread entry point.

close up shot of embroidering letters on a stuffed animal with a hand holding a threaded needle

5. Moving your needle backward toward your start point, insert back into the fabric suuuuper close to the first place you inserted the needle.close up shot of embroidering letters on a stuffed animal

6. The next exit point of your needle should be a few mm past your *second* entry point.close up shot of embroidering letters on a stuffed animal

7. Let’s do that again. Repeat what you did before, bringing your needle *back* very close to the last insertion point, then exiting a few mm up past the previous entry point.

close up shot of embroidering letters on a stuffed animal

8. Keep repeating this process until your letter is complete.

close up shot of embroidering letters on a stuffed animal

9. Almost there… close up shot of embroidering letters on a stuffed animal

10. Done! stuffed bunny with embroidered letter over its heart

Tips and Tricks for Embroidering Letters

  • I tied a simple knot on the end of my embroidery floss at the beginning and end of my letter. This was the most simple way for me to finish and has held on just fine. This is technically an embroidery ‘no-no’, so I will share a tutorial with several alternative methods here.
  • On the parts of your letter that are straight, you can extend the space between your stitches a bit more if you want to! It is important to keep your stitches close together on curved parts of your letter to help the curve look smooth.
  • If your letter is made up of multiple lines (like the cross on the capital A here), try to take note of the upcoming transition when you’re nearing the end of the line you’re embroidering. When you do your final backstitch on that line, your exit point for the new line should be a few mm past where the end of the line is. Then backstitch to the end of the line, pretending you’re doing that super close entry point next to your previous hole. I know this is extremely confusing, but I don’t know another way to explain it, so just trust me it makes more sense when you’re doing it and is pretty intuitive! 


Wrapping Up (or should I say embroidering?)

So that was short and sweet! Let me know if you try it by tagging me on Instagram or chatting in the comments on this post.

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