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Easter Basket Ideas for Young Kids 🐰

It is Easter Basket time! I hope y’all are ready, cause I’m in a groove with Easter Basket Ideas. I love gift-giving, so this is right up my alley. Plus the Easter season is one of my absolute fave times of the year! This post contains affiliate links


Finding the Right Easter Basket

It all starts with a good basket to hold all the goodies you find for your kids. I know a lot of people like to get a special Easter Basket, personalized with names and cute bunnies BUT, hear me out.

With closets and attic space overflowing with those baby things you’re saving ‘just in case’, unpacked boxes from when you moved into the house six years ago (wait…), and all the other ‘stuff’ we accumulate, why not get a basket that can serve your kid day-to-day instead of once a year?

three easter basket options on a table - a rattan basket, white wire basket, and lilac drawstring bag sitting on a table

my top three Easter basket picks!

My top three picks are the Olli Ella Piki Basket, Hearth and Hand Wire Basket, and Gathre Large Drawstring Pouch.

First, we’ve had the Olli Ella basket for over a year, and the girls use these so often! They take this basket on walks to store flowers and treasures, around the house with their Maileg mice inside, or the figures to their Tonies box!

The Hearth and Hand Wire basket is useful for the storage of all the little kid things! I just neatly tuck them in a row onto a bookshelf after clean-up time! I have a different color of the same basket from two years ago, and it is still as good as new!

Lastly, the Gathre drawstring pouch is a great option! It can double as a lunch sack to take to school (or work!), store snacks for in the car, or even be a neat way to keep all the pieces of a frequently used puzzle together.

My Favorite Easter Basket Goodies

Does your family have anything exciting happening this spring? Use that as inspiration for filling your child’s Easter basket!

If you are not sure where to start, check out these ideas!

Option One (Baby):

+ Olli Ella Natural Piki Basket 

+ Penelope Bunny from Jamie Kay sold out (another option here and here)

+ Silicone Snack Cup and Drink Cup (ELLEN10 to save for new customers)

+ Child Sunglasses 

+ Bunny Pajama Set (another option here and here)

+ Bunny Socks

+ Block Set or Name Puzzle

+ Bunny Roo, I Love You Book


Option Two (School-Aged Young Child):

+ Olli Ella Large Natural Piki Basket

+ Hooded Beach Towel 

+ New Swimsuit + Rash Guard (another option here and here)

+ Sunhat or Bonnet

+ Silicone Snack Cup

+ Instax Mini Camera + Film

+ Pool-Friendly Sandals

+ Unicorn Horn Chalk

+ Bubble Bath

+ Ooly Art Supplies and Erasers

+ a new Book


Option Three (Preschooler):

+ Hearth and Hand White Wire Basket

+ Hazel Village Stuffed Animal + Book

+ Wooden Stacking Game

+ Olive Dot Pajamas + White Bow

+ Book

+ Bubble Wands


Option Four (Preschooler):

+ Hearth and Hand White Wire Basket

+ Hazel Village Stuffed Animal

+ Daisy Gal Tee

+ Lilac Daisy Socks

+ Cream Tulle Skirt and White Bow

+ Domino Game + Silicone Kid’s Cup

Candy or No Candy?

We choose to include a minimal amount of candy in the girls’ Easter baskets since we do an egg hunt after church. If you want to have candy be a part of your Easter basket, I suggest getting creative with the delivery! Try dropping candy pieces in a new drink cup or snack cup, like this one from Jamie Kay!

Wrapping It Up

No matter what you decide to do for your kid’s Easter baskets, remember to make it fun! I like to set a budget and go from there!

What are you planning on putting in your kid’s Easter Basket this year? Drop all your ideas in the comments, I would love to hear them!

Looking for EVEN MORE ideas?

Be sure to visit this Amazon List for all my suggestions on Prime-able Easter Basket goodies!

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