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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Every year Mother’s day rolls around and I haven’t thought at all about what I want. As I was thinking recently I decided that I love little happies as I like to call them. Things that I wouldn’t necessarily get for myself, but they make me happy. So I give to you this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide, let’s get into it.

Summer Entertainment

I don’t know about y’all but I’ve been seeing SO many cute summer entertainment things out there these days. My thought is, if I’m going to be doing snack time with my kids all summer on the back porch, I would like cute snack wear. I rounded up some of my favorites from Tuckernuck that will make for a beautiful and fun snack time with my girls.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Okay and I can’t do this Mother’s Day Gift Guide without mentioning Estelle glassware. I mean, it’s perfect in every way and I need it. Just imagine having a glass of white wine on the back porch in one of these, it’s too good.

Mother's Day Gift Guide


If you don’t know what a tchotchke is, let me explain it to you. It’s a small and fun object that is decorative rather than strictly functional. A trinket if you will. And I love these! Give me all the little cute things for my house. Candles, bowls, little games, I want it all!

Mother's Day Gift Guide


Another one of my favorite gifts to receive is jewelry. I’m not talking super fancy jewelry but the little cute pieces that you can wear everyday. I love getting a new necklace or pretty dainty earrings. I rounded up some of my favorites from Made By Mary and Gorjana.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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