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Welcoming Sourdough back, with Yamazaki Home

Yamazaki Home gifted the items featured in this post, however, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links


Sourdough Refresher

Remember my sourdough post? It’s my most popular post so far on the blog! Check it out if you’re interested in learning to bake sourdough bread. ANYWAYS. Fruit flies attacked my starter in early summer. I opened the jar, freaked out, and threw it away. We’ve gone all summer without sourdough!

Matt and I really crave good bread, so I ordered a packet of culture and it’s back!

Yamazaki Bread Boxyoung child reaching into an open breadbox grabbing at a loaf of sourdough bread inside

Yamazaki Home sent over several of their products for us to try. The bread box was at the very top of my list. I never had a great storage system for our sourdough. We found ourselves having to throw out loaves occasionally because it had gone stale. Not good.

The bread box is made of steel and wood, with a durable magnetic closure along the top opening. It allows minimal airflow to prevent your bread and baked goods from molding, but not so much that your bread ends up stale. Hallelujah!

The metal bread box is super roomy, with plenty of room for my whole sourdough loaf, baked goods, jellies, or jam!

If you’re on the hunt for countertop storage for your homemade (or store-bought!) baked goods, I highly recommend the Yamazaki Bread Box!

Other Yamazaki Home Products

I picked up some other items from the Tosca collection to compliment our bread box.

I’m always someone who has struggled with organization, so adding some baskets and canisters has helped keep the clutter off our countertops!

The canisters are a bit smaller than I expected (I didn’t look at the measurements…do that y’all). I store my BetterDays BetterGreens and BetterGlow in there for a quick grab and go on the way out the door for mom duties.

The storage baskets beautifully compliment the bread box. I use a large one to hold my flour and towels for bread making; the smaller one is the perfect size for fresh fruit.

You can shop here to see all the beautiful organization options Yamazaki Home offers.


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