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My Girl Turns Six {An 80’s Theme Dance Party}

Looking for a fun birthday party idea for kids you can do ANY time of the year?!  How about an 80s dance party? Let me tell you about Abby’s Dance Party! This post contains affiliate links

girl in hot pink tutu blowing neon confetti at the camera

This party was TOTALLY RAD!

Sometimes Kids Have the Best Ideas

“What kind of birthday party do you want?”

“A dance party!”

“Okay, so like… a bounce house dance party?”

“A pool party dance party?”

“No, just a DANCE PARTY. INSIDE…cause it’s hot.”

Okay, I feel ya girl. Let’s do it.

The Party Prep List

I Need a Theme

I needed a theme. I asked her what she thought about an 80s themed dance party. She responded by asking what ‘the eighties’ were. After recovering from that attack on my decade of birth, I told her it would involve neon, tutus, and fun music – sounds cool, she is in.

Tabletop Decor

What is more 80s than neon?! Go get all the neon goodies for your tabletop decor!

I’ve linked all my tabletop faves in this post on my LTK.

Want a simple hack for a fun birthday cake? Order a plain cake from your local grocery store (we LOVE Publix here!) and cover it completely with sprinkles for a custom-looking cake!

The Dance Floor

You can go big or go chill on the dance floor – totally up to you! I love to be ‘extra’ so I decided to add some fun elements, like the balloon garland and the marquee six to make it feel more like a dance floor!

I cleared the furniture out of our front room (aka our Spring One Room Challenge Room!) to ensure ample room to party! I left the bench in for a bit of seating.

I hired a local balloon company, Bubbles Party Co, to create the arch. I know my strengths, and it is not blowing up hundreds of balloons. If you are the DIY type, Etsy has a lot of kit options! I like this one and this one if you’re planning an eighties-themed party!

The big light up six is a rental from AlphaLit, a marquee letter rental company with locations all over the United States.

Party Favor Bags

coffee table topped with pink toned jelly bags for party favors

As soon as “80’s” fell out of my mouth, I knew I wanted to use these ADORABLE Sun Jellies Mini Bags for party favor bags. JELLY. BAG.

I grabbed a mini Sun Jellies bag for each kid coming to the party, then added some retro-inspired sunglasses, glow sticks, and silly straws.

80s Themed Playlist

Get the birthday kid involved by enlisting their help to create the party playlist! We are BIG into the SING 2 Soundtrack right now. I alternated kid-friendly eighties songs with songs from her favorite movies, and everyone LOVED the dance party playlist!

Here’s a link to the playlist on Apple Music.

What to Wear

girl jumping in neon tutu

Neon. Enough Said.

Okay, fine. Plum NYC Leotards are perfect party wear, and if I had an unlimited party budget (which I did not LOL), I would have ordered them for all the party attendants!

That’s It!

This was seriously the most fun birthday party I’ve done! It was super casual, kids (and parents) could dance, take a minute to have a snack, and admire their new accessories. We kept the ‘dance’ portion fairly short – about 30 minutes – before singing and enjoying cake.

Do you have any fun party ideas? What has been your favorite kid birthday party theme so far?


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