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A Southern mama of two well dress gals, with a home that's always a bit of a mess. 

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rolls of gift wrapping paper, scissors, white yarn, dark green chiffon ribbon, golden bells, and sprigs of holly berries and evergreen twigs

All the holiday shopping is done and all that is left is wrapping the gifts. I’m sharing this year’s Christmas wrapping theme and my best tips to create beautiful and minimal decor under your tree! This is a no-fluff blog post, so get ready for a super quick read! 

I am totally willing to admit that I am one of those people that wants everything under the tree to match and coordinate. Let me absolve you of any guilt and say IT IS OKAY TO CARE ABOUT THE AESTHETICS. Okay, now that that is off my chest…I like to use two or three coordinating rolls of paper and a big roll of kraft brown paper to keep it from being too busy. We use different color ribbons to differentiate who each gift is for. Click here to check out my picks for quick shipping on Amazon to get everything wrapped and under the tree! I used sprigs of evergreen branches and holly berries (faux is safest!) sourced from nature to decorate our packages.

Happy wrapping and Happy Holidays!



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