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Showit for Content Creators

A topic touched on frequently in podcasts I listen to and by creative entrepreneurs I follow – should a content creator have a website? Should you diversify your platforms, so to speak? Do you have a website? And do you love it? I’m chatting about my experience with launching on Showit using a website template from Elizabeth McCravy. 

This summer, I decided I wanted to launch a website. I was looking for a platform that was easy, and that search put me on Squarespace. I built a site out and was excited to launch my first venture into content creation on something other than Instagram. It was okay and got the job done…until it wasn’t. I can’t exactly put my finger on when I felt like my website was no longer meeting my needs, but I stumbled upon the Showit platform and immediately fell in love.

My Website Needs:

If and when you are creating your home online, take a minute to think through what you need your website to do for you. Do you have physical or digital product to sell? Services to highlight? Products that you want to provide handy links to your audience? I made the decision to merge my previous blog site and my photography business website into one. Truthfully, it is just easier to maintain one place on the internet.

Let’s Chat about Showit:

Showit is a drag and drop website builder that integrates with WordPress for blogging. I was intrigued by this, because as I read more about blogging (naturally after I initially launched my blog), the general consensus is WordPress is a superior platform for blogging – better SEO, scalability, and customization. Since I have no chill, I created an account and started a free 14 days trial of Showit. HELLO, I LOVE YOU NEW PLATFORM.

screenshot of showit website builder with content creator site

Showit’s Website builder

Aside from the time spent creating my previous site, I have zero website building and design experience. I’m creative at heart and love the thought of design, but I’m not exactly the best at executing things like this. Showit is truly drag-and-drop, with complete creative freedom on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Start the free trial and play around if you are considering switching. You will learn pretty quickly whether this is the platform for you (spoiler – it probably is).

The whole process is super easy. The plan options are straightforward. They handle blog migration if you have an existing blog. There are a variety of free and paid website templates to get you started, as well as a list of Showit Design Partners if you are looking for something more custom or additional template options. Oh, and did I mention the customer service is top-notch? Cause it is.

Using a Website Template

If you are like me, using a template to create a semi-custom site is a cost-effective way to create exactly what you need. After an embarrassing amount of time researching Showit website templates, I was drawn the templates from Elizabeth McCravy. These templates checked all the boxes that I wanted and needed on my website – engaging home page, portfolio, resources page, sales page, Instagram landing page, and coordinating blog design. Top it off with a killer training course, and I was sold. I ended purchasing the Alice Template because she is a beaut and I couldn’t get her out of my head (I’m actually not kidding LOL).

The template customizing process is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. I had plenty of images that I was ready to plug into my site. I had worked with a graphic designer to establish my branding (thank you Freckled and Fair!). Brand colors were picked and ready to go. It literally can be as easy as plugging in each of these elements and clicking publish. I decided to do a bit more customization, but I love that simple changes can create a really custom-looking site. I was able to create my site in my free time (LOL, what is that) and have it ready for launch in about two weeks.

Since so many templates (including these!) are marketed to photography businesses, wedding industry professionals, and other creative entrepreneurs, I was a bit concerned if I would be able to utilize the same template and get an end result I was happy with. However, there was no reason to worry, because this turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Wrapping Up

I am still relatively new at this whole website thing, but I am super pleased with the place my site is at now and want to share the love! Use code ELLENSENTME to save 10% on anything in the Elizabeth McCravy template shop! Also, Elizabeth has an amazing podcast with tons of helpful info if you are launching a new business! Check that out here!

PS: you can check out at all my content creation must-haves on my family favorites page.

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