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A Southern mama of two well dress gals, with a home that's always a bit of a mess. 

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Editing in Lightroom is the easiest way to take your images from wow to WHOA. I like to think of photography as a cake: you need a good cake as your base (photo), then you jazz it up with the icing (editing). There is a steep learning curve to editing. The first time you open […]

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A topic touched on frequently in podcasts I listen to and by creative entrepreneurs I follow – should a content creator have a website? Should you diversify your platforms, so to speak? Do you have a website? And do you love it? I’m chatting about my experience with launching on Showit using a website template […]

Quick, when was the last time you took photos with your kids? Does getting in front of the camera intimidate you? I used to be disappointed as I looked through family photos and didn’t see myself in them. I decided to take things into my own hands and do self-portraits with my girls. It is […]