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Neighbor Outdoor Furniture – ORC Week Seven

It’s the final countdown (cue music!). This week, I was finally able to inject a bit of livability into this space, courtesy of Neighbor Outdoor. Let’s chat about how I planned out this outdoor space and what is left to do before the end of the challenge!

Neighbor gifted the furniture in this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

About Neighbor

Neighbor creates thoughtfully crafted, modular outdoor furniture for the modern home. I’ve had my eye on their furniture for over a year (those targeted Instagram ads are smart!), and I’m thrilled to partner with them on this project.

Neighbor’s outdoor furniture collection is designed with an elevated outdoor setting in mind while still prioritizing durability, sustainability, and comfort. The seating is constructed from teak harvested from FSC-certified forests, quick-drying foam cushioning, Sunbrella fabric textiles, and marine-grade hardware. All that is an official way of saying this furniture is very well made with thoughtful materials that will stand the test of time in an outdoor setting.

Planning the Space

It is extremely helpful when planning out a space to measure and visualize how things will fit in the room. I grabbed a roll of painter’s tape (from our Clare paint set) and got to planning!

After scoping out Neighbor’s website, I knew either a sectional or a pair of sofas would best serve this space and our family. We’ve got two little girls who are SUPER excited to have their friends over for popcorn, movies, and roasted marshmallows. If you’ve been around a gaggle of giggly gals, you know they like to pile up in a big group – a sofa or sectional would be the perfect fit for this kind of get together! Additionally, this is a pretty large space, so I wanted to ensure the furniture was scaled appropriately for the space.

Armed with measurements, I got to work.

So glamorous, right?

We decided on an 8 x 10 rug for this space. I used that size as my base to plan out where to place the seating and tables. A loveseat was out of the picture because it didn’t feel like the right size for the space without adding additional pieces. We felt the fewer pieces the better, so a large sectional or two sofas felt right.

Ultimately, we landed on two sofas and a coffee table. If we eventually decide a sectional would be a better fit, Neighbor’s Haven collection of seating is modular. Customers have the ability to order custom configurations, so we could add a corner piece at a later date if we wanted to switch it up.

Look how amazing it turned out!

Furniture Review

The furniture arrived in a plethora of boxes, which felt kind of intense upon arrival. We quickly realized that shipping in multiple boxes made it easier to carry into our space, manage what went together for assembly, and is likely a more cost-effective solution and less wasteful than one massive box with a lot of packing material.

I (yes, ME, ELLEN) actually assembled everything myself. Neighbor does recommend for two adults to assemble the furniture due to the size and weight, but we have young kids and I think that really explains everything about why only one of us was involved in the assembly.

Furniture assembly is super straightforward and easy. Aside from my personal issues with an Allen wrench, putting the furniture together was a breeze. Oh, and don’t go rummaging through boxes for assembly instructions. You actually scan a QR code on the box and access the directions online! I thought that was a nice nod to their efforts to prioritize sustainability and reduce waste.

The furniture design is very well-thought-out and incredibly comfortable.

When you sit, you feel supported and comfortable. Neighbor’s Haven collection is totally worthy of an all-day back-porch lounge session. The coffee table is flawless and absolutely beautiful. Also, I’m happy to report that a red wine spill is easily cleaned up…ask me how I know.

This project isn’t even complete yet, but I’m already thinking about what other pieces we can put in this space because Neighbor’s products are truly delightful.

Products in this post:

  • The Sofa, cushion arm, in Ashe (here)
  • The Coffee Table (here)
  • Ivory Braided Rug (here)

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