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Summer 2022 Swimsuit Review

How about a swimsuit review! I took advantage of recent sales, and ordered a bunch of swimsuits!

overhead shot of a pile of colorful swimwear


My swimsuit criteria: supportive in the chest, enough coverage that I don’t have to worry about a boob popping out while tossing a kid in the pool, and semi-decent booty coverage. There are a lot of great options here, so I figured – why not share my thoughts with y’all. My stats for reference: 36DDD, 31 or 32 in jeans, 12 or 14 in pants, XL in tops. I never considered it, but apparently, I have a long torso! Once I realized this, it made sense why one-piece suits always felt like they were creeping up my bum.

Some of these photos were taken with my phone and others are higher quality from my camera. Y’all are just gonna have to roll with it, cause taking photos of yourself in swimwear, with two kids running laps around the house ain’t for the faint of heart (IYKYK). This post contains affiliate links.

collage of women's swimsuits

Andie Swim

Shop Andie Swim  (and save $15!)

I’m honestly mad I waited this long to try Andie Swim. I fully expected to just keep one suit, and here I am, keeping all three LOL. The quality of each of these suits is top-notch. The material is supportive, but not compressive. If you’re wanting a suit to double as shapewear or to sculpt you, this isn’t it. But these are really nice suits that do provide a bit of smoothing and are very comfy for everyday wear.

First up: The Snap (wearing XL)

Can you tell I love this one? This is my fave of the Andie Swim bunch. I was initially drawn to the ditsy floral rose pattern. The Eco Nylon fabric is definitely my fave out of the bunch that I got (the other two are the Flat fabric). The Eco Nylon fabric is made of recycled nylon and spandex. There isn’t any mention of compression in Andie’s fabric description, but I feel like it is a very forgiving and smoothing fabric, especially in a pattern.

This style has a higher leg opening and less coverage in the rear, and I really like that. The boobs feel very supportive and even though these DDD’s are testing the limits of that snap top, I didn’t feel like I was in danger of anyone escaping LOL.

This particular style is not available in Long Torso, but I think a Long Torso version would fit me a bit better (aka less riding up in the booty).

collage of front and back images of Andie Swim one piece swimsuit

Next up: The Tulum (wearing Long Torso XL)

I wanted a classic black suit for momming around at the pool, and this definitely fits the bill. It is comfortable, supportive, and provides great coverage. The Tulum has a shelf bra and really nice soft cups (seriously! I was impressed by the cups!). Andie’s website indicates that the Flat material of this suit has a compressive lining and four-way stretch. This suit is also available in ribbed and Eco Nylon (but not all fabrics are available in the long torso option). 

I’m not gonna lie, when I hear ‘compressive’ I get a bit… skeptical. I would say that the suit smooths things out a bit, but don’t expect any miracles and waist snatching from this suit. I will say though, that it is exactly the level of compression that I would want out of a daily suit.

Looking at these photos, I probably could have lifted the front of the suit a bit because there is a bit of bunching in the lower front area, and I recall my boobs sitting higher than the shelf bra inside.

Front and back collage image of Black curvy woman in black andie swim swimsuit

Last up: The Malibu (wearing LT XL)

This particular suit is the one that grabbed my attention in Andie Swim’s ads. It is super popular and I can totally see why! Again, this is another great option for momming at the pool all day. This suit features high coverage in both the front and back. I personally prefer a bit less coverage in the back for my swimwear. If you’re all about a full coverage booty moment – this is your suit for sure!

The Malibu also has a shelf bra and soft cups (not the same cups as in the Tulum, and I don’t like these as much). This is another suit in Andie’s Flat fabric. I really did not feel like this fabric had any compression – I’m curious if the compressive nature of this fabric/lining would be more evident if I sized down to a Large Long Torso.

Collage of Black woman in red one piece swimsuit

I’m keeping all of these!

Wild Isle Swim

collage of front and back images of Wild Isles Swimsuit Review

Instagram targeted me with ads from Wild Isle Swim, and dang, those IG ad wizards know what I need. If you are a busty gal, YOU NEED WILD ISLE! This woman-owned company was started by two fuller-chested women that were wanting a suit designed with supporting and flattering the big-boobied gals.

I grabbed their best-selling signature top, Dottie, in a size 3. The top sizing ranges from 1 to 5, and is based on your bra size. I’m a 36DDD or 38DD as best I can tell (I’m not going to go into how long it has been since I had a proper bra fitting and actually wore a ‘real’ bra). The 3 is definitely my size.

I love that you can customize your support level by crossing the straps in the back for a bit more lift.

I got the Hana High Waisted Bikini bottom to match the top. The bottom that matches my orchid top actually is a reversible bottom. I got the bottoms in a 14/16, and I think I would actually like the 10/12 the next time I order.

I like the bottoms well enough. They are a bit more full coverage than I would like, so the next time I get a suit from them, I’ll pick up the Honey High Waisted Bottom, which is supposed to be a bit cheekier and a higher cut leg.

I’m keeping both pieces!

Shop Wild Isle Swim (and save $20!)


collage of front and back images of navy Target Swimsuit

Target has a lot of swim options, but once you put on a higher-end suit, these will not compare (in my opinion!). Regardless, this cute suit from Target fit my vibe check and is in my current rotation.

I picked this suit up in an XL (no time to try it on, the girls were with me that day), and it is a bit roomy, but I’m not sure the L would have been a better fit.

The material is obviously not as supportive or comfy as the other two brands. Also, it is VERY cheeky. The cups are not good. I tossed them after these photos.

The biggest pro is that it is less than thirty bucks! It does have a shelf bra to provide support, and the waist tie detail is very flattering!

I’m keeping it, but I probably won’t wear it too often.

Find this suit here.

Other Notable Brands

Because my pockets are only so deep (LOL), I didn’t order every swimsuit option I was considering. Here are a few more brands and suits that I’ve heard great things about. Hopefully, I can give these a try some time soon!

swimsuit review collage


  1. Santorini Weekender 2. Ruched Blackflip 3. Wrapsuit 4. The Wave 5. Mila Suit 6. Emmi One Piece


So tell me what you think? Which one is your favorite? Do you prefer one-piece suits or two pieces?

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  3. Kelly says:

    I appreciate the honesty in your review about the pros and cons of each swimsuit. Are there specific features or details you prioritize when selecting swimsuits for your personal collection?

    • Ellen says:

      Hey Kelly!
      My biggest priorities are support in the bust area and enough coverage that I can run after my kids without risking exposure haha.

      High-waisted bottoms with fuller back coverage is a plus, as well as lightly compressive/supportive fabric.

      I find myself tending towards patterns or vibrant colors these days (even though its kind of all over the place in this post!)

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