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Weekly Casual Women’s Style Roundup

I made a roundup post without even telling you what my style is and what this series is about.

MY BAD. Let’s back up and get acquainted. 

I’m a working mom of two girls. I’m a retail pharmacist and typically wear scrubs to work (almost always Figs). If I’m off work, I like sleeping in until the last possible minute and would rather be comfortable than super stylish. I regularly show up at school dropoff (and pickup LOL) in my house slippers (they’re super comfy, OKAY).

But, like, I also want to not look like I’m a complete hot mess. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that’s my style in a nutshell. Typically you’ll find me in oversized sweaters and tees paired with leggings or jeans.

Oh, and I love dresses in the spring.

If I have to define it, I’m going to call this casual women’s style. Sound good?

I have shopping carts all over the internet because window shopping is fun and I figured y’all should join me.

Now that we have that out of the way,

here are the things in my carts all over the internet this week.

collage of various women's clothing and accessories


1. Burgundy Sports Halter 2. White Textured Midi Dress 3. Cashmere Hoodie

4. Burgundy Legging 5. Lavender Floral Midi Dress 6. Cream Button Cardigan

7. Raw Hem Straight Jeans 8. Gray Crossbody Bag 9. Blue Floral Midi Dress

10. Open Toe Fluffy Slippers 11. White Trainers 12. Handmade Leather Sandals

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Happy shopping!

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