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Minimal Fall Home Entryway Decor

Photo of entryway of brown brick home with weathered brown doors. Doors have black bats flying across the left side, circular wreaths made from brown twigs, and the stairs are adorned with a variety of colorful pumpkins and white mums in white pots.

The entryway of your home is the easiest way to incorporate minimal seasonal decor. Today I’m sharing my budget-friendly minimal fall entryway decor. Check out these simple tips to jazz up your front entryway for the fall season! 

Let’s be real here… I’ve never been the one that goes ALL OUT for holiday decor. I prefer a minimal approach, adding holiday decor here and there as the month goes on until it feels juuuuust right. Once the first *official* day of autumn hit, I was honestly ready to break out the pumpkin, mums, and bats that day. Today, I’m sharing my current Halloween decorations and ways to subtly spice up your home without doing… ya know… too much.

I am obsessed with our front entryway. The beautiful neutral brick stairs and iron railing is the perfect backdrop for seasonal decor. It is easiest to make the majority of my decorating effort here because the kids are going to destroy any decor I put in the house anyways. I’ll share easy ways I sprinkle fall decor in a blog post soon, but for now, the front entry is the star!

On the Stairs:

Entryway styled with fall decor. A variety of decorative pumpkins and mums carefully placed on brown brick stairs

Alternate stairs with pumpkins of various sizes and colors, then add mums in an autumn color for an easy, but high-impact, visual change to your front entryway. Our entry stairs are normally bare, so adding some florals and gourds makes a big difference to change up the feeling!

Depending on your style and available pumpkin selection, I like to choose a variety of colors and sizes of gourds. If you are a monochromatic fan, you could choose all white or a variety of tones of those aesthetically pleasing pale green pumpkins! I like to get real pumpkins for our decor, but I found some really beautiful faux pumpkins that you can use year after year if that is your jam.

Our local Home Depot had a beautiful variety of mums, but I dashed over to these white mums as soon as I laid eyes on them! White mums are my favorite and seem to be hard to find, so I grabbed a few and thanked my lucky stars that they came with plain planters that I wouldn’t have to replace!


little girl with bow and dark floral dress putting bats as fall entryway decor on a weathered brown door
Maddy loved helping put the bats up!

On the Door:

Normally I only add a fall-themed wreath to our front doors (a matching pair since we have double doors!), but I decided to add some simple black bats to spook up the entry. It turned out super fun and was easy! Maddy was able to help me attach some of the bats to the lower part of the door. The girls are really excited about the changing of the seasons, so this was a fun way to include them in the decorating!

On the Porch:

We keep a standard doormat at our front door all year round and I left it there this time. Layering with a plaid rug or swapping out for a themed rug is the perfect way to spice up your entry for guests. If there is typically a bench  on your front porch, adding a cozy blanket is a good way to add fall vibes. Blanket hoarders like me, grab one of the three hundred and sixteen blankets you already have in your house.

On the Railing:

I typically leave the railing alone, except for the addition of some faux cobwebs the week before Halloween. The weather is so temperamental in Alabama, any non-durable decor would not last for the entire month. I love the idea of white faux cobwebs with little plastic spiders tucked in for a bit of fun for trick-or-treaters.

Excited three year old girl in black floral dress giggles as she rings the doorbell next to weathered brown doors with bats flying across the unopened door.

What decor have you added to your home entryway for the fall season? Do you like to make it spooky or sweet? Are you a fan of minimalist decor or do you like to go all out?

PS Maddy’s dress is from our friends at Jamie Kay. Visit my Family Favorites page for a discount on your first order. 

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