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A Southern mama of two well dress gals, with a home that's always a bit of a mess. 

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Editing in Lightroom is the easiest way to take your images from wow to WHOA. I like to think of photography as a cake: you need a good cake as your base (photo), then you jazz it up with the icing (editing). There is a steep learning curve to editing. The first time you open […]

outdoor image of two girls in matching outfits holding delicate flowers motherhood photography blog

Quick, when was the last time you took photos with your kids? Does getting in front of the camera intimidate you? I used to be disappointed as I looked through family photos and didn’t see myself in them. I decided to take things into my own hands and do self-portraits with my girls. It is […]

What is in my camera bag? I figured I should chat about one of my most frequently asked topics in DM’s – what camera gear do I use and what do I recommend? Truthfully, I have a secret love for “What’s in My Bag” blog posts and YouTube videos. It is always so fun to me […]