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Merit Beauty

Confession – I don’t really know how to do makeup. I’ve watched MANY a YouTube tutorial, and I get lost about the time that contouring starts happening. I’ve always been a gal that appreciates minimalism when it comes to makeup.

Enter MERIT Beauty. The MERIT team sent me over two of their products – The Minimalist and Shade Slick. I haven’t picked up my old products since these arrived! The Minimalist is a magic hybrid between a foundation and concealer stick and it blends effortless into my skin (which – is a miracle in of itself; I can never find a shade that blends into my skin tone so easily). Shade Slick is a tinted lip oil that is the perfect product if you are like me and don’t like lip products. It leaves a natural swipe of color while hydrating your lips AND not being sticky.

MERIT Beauty’s minimalist makeup line also features a cheek balm, brow pomade, mascara, and highlighting balm. They are all on my list to try!





*Merit Beauty gifted me these products, but all opinions are my own. This blog post contains affiliate links.

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