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A Southern mama of two well dress gals, with a home that's always a bit of a mess. 

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Children's Style

I have been casually entertaining the thought of creating my own spot on the internet for a while – turns out June 2021 is my month!

Hopefully you found me from my Instagram… and if you didn’t, go follow me! This blog will be an extension of that page: sharing my kids that are always dressed cuter than me, our messy home life, and my husband’s desire to always start a new DIY project.

If you don’t know me, Hello! I am Ellen. I’m a mid-thirties Black woman living in Alabama. Married to Matt. Mama to Abby and Maddy. Lover of photography, kids fashion, and aesthetic home decor. Secret messy person (okay, not sure how secret it is – also messy does NOT equal disorganized). Practicing pharmacist. Lover of snacks (especially Cheez-Its, extra toasty pls). Recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and navigating life with a proper diagnosis of GI issues that have plagued me for over a decade.

I guess it is important to share what exactly this blog is about and what you can expect to see here. I’ll be sharing new posts once weekly, on Wednesdays, but I actually have some extra content planned for these first few weeks (there’s that messy but organized coming out). We have some home improvement projects that I am excited to share, collaborations with my favorite brands, and a few gift guides for upcoming holidays and special occasions. Overall, this is going to be another place for me to let those creative juices flowing.

Because my primary love is photography, most of my blog posts will be image heavy – a place for photo dumps of my favorite projects. There are so many photographs that I take and LOVE, but they never see the light of day for some reason. So they will find a home here. I don’t know that I am the most eloquent with my words, but I think I can tell a story with my images.

I hope you find something here that you can relate to and you come back soon!



-ellen ❤️

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